A Symposium: Leveraging the Cloud for Law Enforcement

Please join the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) and SafeGov.org for our upcoming symposium, Leveraging the Cloud for Law Enforcement, taking place on January 31st, 2013 in Washington, DC.

Cloud-based computing and services offer significant potential benefits to law enforcement and government agencies. Cost savings, rapid deployment of critical resources, off-site storage and disaster recovery, and dynamic provisioning of new and additional resources when needed are among the tangible benefits that cloud computing offers to law enforcement agencies of all size. Recognizing the sensitivity of law enforcement information, and the special responsibilities that law enforcement has to ensure the accuracy, reliability, security and availability of data within their control, however, demonstrates some of the challenges that agencies face in evaluating the potential use of this new computing paradigm.

What cloud-based solutions are currently offered to law enforcement agencies? What has been the experience of agencies that have adopted, or attempted to adopt, cloud solutions? How do these solutions comply with the FBI's CJIS security standards?

This symposium is designed to explore these important issues and to assess the benefits, the challenges, and potential of leveraging cloud-based solutions for law enforcement agencies of all size and jurisdiction.

Who Should Attend? Law enforcement chief executives, command staff, technical managers and developers, and IT and procurement officials who are grappling with how to embrace cloud computing for the law enforcement community while maintaining privacy, security and cost savings.  Attendees will hear from government officials and IT experts on the important requirements for law enforcement to adopt cloud solutions and how security and efficiency can both be achieved.


REGISTER NOW and join other law enforcement professional from around the country to discuss and decide recommendations for how to safely minimize risk for law enforcement cloud migration.